Our terrois



The extensive Alentejo wine region has a marked diversity that is not always noticeable. But there are wine producing regions where these differences are truly undeniable. In these regions, is certainly Vidigueira, where the production of wine has more than 2000 years of history.

With a climate with strong thermal amplitudes at the time of the maturation of the grapes, a relief marked by small slopes that distinguish it from the Alentejo usual plains and a unique schist soil which inscribes a strong identity distinctive from the rest of the Alentejo.

It is a unique terroir that also accentuates the exclusive character of some of its most characteristic varieties.

Paulo Laureano Vinus’ main activity is centered in Alentejo around Vidigueira. But the challenges of designing wines in excellent terroirs lead the company to travel through some of the most emblematic wine-growing places in Portugal.



This region is part of the historic wine regions that surrounds Lisbon. In the valleys around Bucelas the vineyards exclusively of white varieties are planted in soils of marl and limestone. Cold in winter and hot in summer, it allows an excellent development of the grapes, protected from the sea winds by the slopes of the valleys where they are planted. The wines produced here are the result of an old partnership with António Paneiro Pinto on his Chão do Prado.

Vinhos Verdes

An extended region facing the Atlantic with predominantly granite soils with a mild climate and high rainfall it allows for fresh and very elegant wines. The tips of Guimarães around Casa das Infantas extend to the Loureiro vineyards, from which we produce Vinho Verde in partnership with Vilas Boas’ Family.


On the island of Pico in currais and curraletas, an area full of history with a marked Atlantic influence the vineyards are protected from the winds and sea salt. A basalt soil that gives personality and an unique identity to the wines. With a mild climate, a lot of rainfall and a strong influence of the place, Arinto do Pico, Verdelho and Terrantez varieties produce fine-cut whites. The wines that are produced here are the result of an old partnership between Paulo Laureano Vinus and Curral de Atlantis.