The philosophy of Paulo Laureano Vinus is the design of wines in terroirs of excellence with exclusively Portuguese grape varieties. Here follows the description of many of the ones we use.

Red Varieties


(Tinta Roriz)

It is characterized by an intense color, aromas of ripe plums and some red fruits. Whenever it ages in wood it shows notes of sweet chocolate and perceptions of spices. In the mouth it appears with a silky structure with soft and long tannins which make its persistence very pleasant.

At Paulo Laureano Vinus, we use Aragonez to build this sweet and attractive aromatic component that increases the complexity of the wines and gives them elegance.

Tinta Grossa


This is a markedly regional grape variety, which exists mainly in the areas of Vila Alva and Vila de Frades in the Vidigueira region.

Tinta Grossa wines show an exotic aroma of black fruits, good acidity and solid tannins. Practically abandoned in recent years, it reinforces our philosophy of investing in Portuguese grape varieties and enriches our portfolio by its exoticism, quality and rarity.


(Tinta Amarela)

It contributes decisively to the soul of Alentejo wines. It is a variety with a strong personality which requires special care in the vineyards in order to counter its vigor and its sensitivity to rot. It produces wines of intense and deep color, with aromas of ripe red peppers, wild fruits and spices. When wood is present notes of spice are accentuated and perceptions of dark chocolate and fresh coffee usually appear. In this variety we look for its acidity levels, solid tannins and its elegant aroma, to complex wines of high quality and longevity standards.

Touriga Nacional


It is certainly the most well-known of the Portuguese red varieties, not being a typical Alentejo variety it has been implanted easily in recent years. Shows aromas of violets, bergamots and Earl Gray tea. It is elegant, striking and with great personality.

Alicante Bouschet


Alicante Bouschet came to find in Alentejo a set of soil and climate conditions that allows it to have a unique enological profile, which quickly made it one of the most important varieties of the region and nowadays is fundamentally considered an Alentejo variety. It is a dye variety, with color in the film and pulp showing a deep and intense color, aromas reminiscent of mint, some eucalyptus, black olives. In the mouth they show an enormous concentration of tannins, in a fresh set of imposing structure and enormous longevity.

With an adequate concentration, Alicante Bouschet is valuable for high quality wines.



It is a variety of elegance, the reds it originates are rich in color with a complex aroma full of fruits and with an enormous vivacity, thanks to an excellent composition of acids and firm and solid tannins.

What is sought in this variety is the elegance it gives to the wines where it is present freshness and the most exotic aromas.

White Varieties

Antão Vaz


A native variety from Vidigueira is certainly one of the best white varieties of the Alentejo area. With a good viticultural behavior Antão Vaz produces citrus colored wines with reminiscent aromas of tropical fruits, which in Vidigueira resemble mango, passion fruit and tangerine peel. With controlled production it shows a good balance of acidity and its structure is always striking and persistent.

It forms the basis of all white wines designed in our winery in Vidigueira.



Originally from Dão where it is known as Folgasão, the islands have a noble caste status due to their use in fortified wines. In Azores especially on the island of Pico, today it is also important in table wines, with a lot of fruit, strong acidity and good structure.



It is perhaps the most used Portuguese variety all over the country for the design of high quality wines. It exhibits very intense mineral aromas and in years of excellent maturation it combines citrus aromas. Shows enormous freshness which gives the wines a greater balance and longevity.

In Bucelas region or in Azores, he has a positively odd personality.



The flower notes of Loureiro are one of its main aroma attributes complemented with notes of peach and citrus. It has a balanced acidity and in an extreme way produces wines of extraordinary quality.



It has a slightly earlier harvest to create grapes with higher levels of acidity which will provide wines of citrus color with numerous greenish tones and a fine and attractive aroma of citrus fruits with notes of flint.

It is a grape that shows its best associated with wines intended for an earlier consumption. When you want to increase its longevity, other varieties such as Arinto or Antão Vaz are necessary.



Arrived in Portugal in the 15th century and was planted on Madeira island, after which it was taken to Azores. It has striking mineral and saline aromas and shows a surprising balance and elegance in the mouth and an enormous persistence. Its Atlantic characteristic distinguishes it very clearly.